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Summer 2012 Art Radiators




The Egyptian scultpted panel above is actually a highly efficient and fully recyclable radiator manufactured from a natural stone composite from Provence and finished by hand. Some radiators will happily warm your home as a work of art (like the RGON range shown above) while for those of you who like a radiator to look like a radiator, we offer you simple, stylish, contemporary styles that won't cost the earth.



All the radiators you will find on our website have been carefully selected from top European manufacturers. Only radiators that blend great design and unbeatable energy efficiency make the grade. 



Introducing MRAMOTERM

Decorative Stone Infrared Radiators



MRAMOTERM Infrared Radiator Panel Radiators are so simple. The stone surface can be etched with your own bespoke design (like the panel shown above) or left natural. The thermal properties of the stone work with infrared technology to gently heat you and your room providing you with a feeling of wellbeing.




Warmth in Stone



The beautiful stone panels in the picture above are actually highly efficient radiators made from solid stone and available in electric or wet system versions. Utilising the natural thermal properties of granite, marble, slate, sandstone and some composites German manufacturers TIBUTHERM radiators gently radiate ambient heat like a stove and provide a stunning focal point. Radiators are made to order.




Radiateurs D'Art Ecologique


The RGON range of radiators are 100% recyclable (even the packaging) and low energy, gently diffusing heat without drying or scorching the air. Designs are inspired by nature, ancient Egypt, animals and the human form and each radiator has a unique finish thanks to subtle colour variations in the natural mineral pigments used.


Model shown: MATEO in 'Alumnium'




French contemporary electric radiators




NEEDO is an electric radiator range that truly offers an alternative to water fed systems, both in looks and advanced design. The sleek and contemporary styling and fully programmable controls mean that Needo radiators can save as much as 20% on heating bills when compared to other standard electric oil filled radiators. The Needo range is manufactured from superb materials and uses thermo-dynamic fluid which heats gradually and effectively for maximum comfort. Not only that but they can be easily removed from the wall for decorating purposes.



What's New in the house of ESR?


1. Neo Electric Panel Radiator

Simple, slim, sleek and good value for money. Available in a great range of colours, this new range of electric panel heaters will see you throught the chilliest months with style and efficiency. NEO panels come with integrated controls and are highly responsive to fractional changes in room temperature which means they are super energy efficient. 

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2. Infrared Heating - the future but why?



If you have ever felt a sense of wellbeing flow through you from the warmth of the sun you have already experienced the effects of Far Infrared Rays. We know that Infrared Panel Heating is relatively new to the UK and want to do our best to raise aware-ness of this important energy saving form of electric heating. To find out more about the benefits to you, your home and your health from installing Infrared Panels visit

or go to the REDWELL pages of this site.


3. In One!


Heating? Yes!

Cooling? Yes!

Dehumidifying? Yes!

All in One!


We were amazed when we found this incredible unit fresh from Italy. The MAXA Il Bello unit heats, cools and dehumidifies all in one compact and good looking unit. 



4. Small, but perfectly formed




THERMOJOY Infrared Radiators are small, lovely to behold and extremely energy efficient. With integrated remote control, they are particularly suitable for motor homes, yachts and caravans where space is a premium. Infrared prevents mould and mildew growth which is an added bonus. You can also install more than one as shown above.







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